Lean Six Sigma

What does Lean add to Six Sigma?  The unqualified answer is speed.  Lean Six Sigma emphasizes that speed (provided by Lean tools) is directly tied to process & product excellence (provided by Six Sigma tools)....


Essential Quality Tools

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or brain surgeon to figure out that my primary focus is on data, not just any data; it must be current, pertinent, valid and sufficient data. Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion..

Quality Function Deployment/QFD

QFD is a system used to translate the voice of the customer (the verbatims) to specific customer requirements (the WHATs) to directly related engineering requirements (the HOWs). 


Robust Design of Experiments/DOE

DOE is an organized collection of statistically-oriented tools and techniques used to create and evaluate cost-effective, efficient experimentation.  DOE is applied to reduce...


Strategy Planning

Every business starts with a mission, a vision and goals.  Strategy planning brings together  people, organizational culture, marketing strategy, product strategy, financial strategy, and governance model.



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